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Valentine’s Day Memories

Red, pink and white construction paper, frilly white paper doilies, blunt nosed scissors, glitter and the ever necessary Elmer’s Glue…these are the childhood memories I’m thinking of today. Valentine’s Day celebrations of my elementary school years bring so many wonderful memories of laboring to create valentines for my friends and hoping against hope I would receive many valentines in return. In my very early years, many times our family finances would not allow purchase of the treasured pre-printed dime-store variety valentines so I would be forced to attempt creations of my own.  My dreams were to be able one day to buy a real honest to goodness dime-store pack of printed and colorful creations and I could pick out the most appropriate valentines for my friends, proudly autographing as the giver.

The box … oh that wonderful Valentine’s box…now THAT was the crowning glory of Valentine’s Day to me.  Mama would help me wrap, tie and cut to create that beautiful box in which my tokens of esteem from my friends would reside. I would sooooo hope I could receive many. I remember pasting little baubles from Mama’s dress making onto the sides of that beautiful shoe box (it always HAD to be a shoe box since the lid would be so perfectly accessible). Yards of lace, buttons and hand cut valentines were pasted with the always available Elmer’s Glue in hopes it would keep the materials permanently affixed to the box.  If any of the precious items fell from the box during transit to the classroom for the big day, I was absolutely and positively devastated to have to repair it.

The excitement of the days leading up to Valentine’s Day would have me anticipating just how many treasures would be placed within my box. When the day of revelation arrived, I would oh so carefully open the lid of that beautiful creation and bask in the knowledge that indeed I DID have friends who thought well of me, at least well enough to offer me a valentine in friendship. Those days meant a lot to me and when taking our colorful and treasured boxes back to our homes, mine would sit on the bureau for some time before retiring it for the year.

As I reflect back on my childhood days, those early endeavors at creativity and the dream of having ready-made valentines, I realize those treasures created with my own two hands and personal creativity were in reality the best I could offer. Those treasures were gifts from the heart.  So for all of those friends who sent tokens just for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, even if it may be a half-century late.

I have no idea if any of my friends and acquaintances loved this holiday as much as I did and still do but would offer this little piece of myself in friendship…Happy Valentine’s Day to you my friends and family, I hope your memories are as sweet as mine and I hope it is a blessed day indeed!