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Dell and husband of 43 years, Naser, live in Alachua County, Florida, with their family.

The author notes a birthday  letter received by her terminally ill  father on his 77th birthday from her  first cousin, Robert Dale Smith of  Nashville, Tennessee in which he was  able to put to pen his thoughts,  feelings, love and inspiration derived  from a lifetime of following her  father’s life and examples.  The letter  so opened a floodgate of emotions for  the author, she has felt compelled to  write her own love, respect and  emotions for her loved ones and was  able to offer the love in her heart to  both of her aunts before their passing  from this earth.  One of the driving  forces to begin the task of writing her  memories was derived from Robert Dale’s  birthday which her father always said  deserved a very special ‘something’  when he reached a certain age.  Her  father did not make it to that day and  the author wrote the first book as a  tribute to her father and to fulfill  that special ‘something’ he felt Robert  Dale deserved on his special day.


Three generations: Lois Marion (Mama), Shaida (Granddaughter) and Dell Anne Hines Afzal (Daughter/Author)

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  1. This is beautiful. Nice to see what a great family Shaida comes from.

  2. Every time I spend my half an hour to read this blog’s articles daily along with a
    cup of coffee.

  3. Karen McClain

    Dell, what a gift you have- such a memory for detail! And, the ability to entertain others with the family great stories. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with others.

    • Thank you Karen. My documenting family stories has kept my loved ones close and has also allowed me to keep this ole brain sharp! No need for cross-word puzzles or brain games for me; I would much rather relive my wonderful childhood and realize how blessed a life I’ve been given!

  4. Gail Hitchcock

    I luv your book on the e book and will let you know when I am done.

    • Thanks Gail and I hope you continue to love your house just as I have all these long years…it contains so many lovely memories for me and my family. I hope you can see the love contained within my writings and invite you to visit my website often. I hope to be posting more stories in the future and welcome you to share my work with any and all.